Biological Products Hello Bob, I have a beneficial 110 gallon system, amonia 0, nitrite

Biological Products Hello Bob, I have a beneficial 110 gallon system, amonia 0, nitrite

1, nitrate 40, w/ 60 lbs Live Rock, one Longnose Butterfly fish, one Diamondback Goby, 2 Maroon Clowns, 3 Fire Gobies, 4 Skunk Cleaners, 2 Royal Urchins and 10 Turbo Snails, I have an outbreak of Ick in the tank, the Butterfly Fish is the one w/ spots all over him, he was moved to a quarantine tank and treated w/ coppersafe. The cleaner shrimps are keeping the other fish free of the Ick. But when I turn my skimmer and filters off I can still see the Ick parasites swimming around the tank. Is 4 cleaner shrimp sufficient to get rid of the problem, or should I add more, also the Butterfly Fish wouldn’t let the cleaner shrimp clean him, would I have better luck w/ neon gobies? <Maybe yes on the gobies, no more on the shrimp. You will likely have to remove all the fishes. let the system go fish-less for a good period of time. Please read starting here: I don't have sufficient space to move all my live stock to a quarantine tank for a month to let the tank go fallow. Thanks for your help.

They almost certainly can get certain areas soon

Re: clown fish Mr. Fenner, I have read through your web site, which I might add has helpful solutions, but I still do not know what a bio-cleaner is. Please provide me with a brief description so I can purchase one if you indeed feel I need one. Thank You, Jason Cohen

Cleaner Species Hi Bob, If you get a chance, I’d appreciate it if you could answer a question for me. I just transferred all of my fish and live rock from a friends 150 g. tank to my new 180. It’s been a week or so, and I’ve just noticed a few spots of ich on one of my yellow tangs. I’ve seen other fish in the tank taking advantage of the cleaner species that live in the tank (three cleaner and one fire shrimp), but not any caffmosprofielen of the yellow tangs. Is this because these shrimp aren’t found in the same regeions as yellow tangs, making thier utility invisible to the tangs? If so, can you recommend other types of cleaners, such as gobisoma gobies or something, that the tangs will take advantage of? <Do consider a Gobiosoma, or if another crustacean will fit, a CBS (Coral Banded Shrimp) Thanks, Dan

Am i able to dump ick w/ simply Physical Cleaners?

follow up on spots on huma Hello Bob, Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. You suggest using a biological cleaner. I’m sure I know what a biological cleaner is,but am drawing a blank. Please explain. I pride myself on being informed, so this is mildly embarrassing. Thanks much, Steve Browne

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